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Kuubix As An Essential Company:

Like all of you, we are very concerned about the impact of COVID-19 (coronavirus) is having on individuals, families, and communities throughout the country. These times are truly unprecedented, and we continue to learn more each and every day. You might be wondering how and why we are still operating normally? That’s a good question. Let’s answer that…

On March 25, 2020, our Department of Homeland Security updated the guidance dealing with essential services. The new guidelines for essential workers within the electricity industry is described as “Workers who maintain, ensure, or restore, or are involved in the development, transportation, fuel procurement, expansion, or operation  of generation, transmission, and distribution of electric power, including call centers, utility workers, reliability engineers and fleet maintenance technicians.” 

The Solar Energy Industry Association (SEIA) has been and will continually be in contact with DHS and they have agreed that this language is inclusive for solar. 

Kuubix ensures critical electric generation infrastructure to homes in California and installations can be done safely in accordance with federal and state guidance. Nonetheless, we do our part to protect public health and follow the governments guidelines. This allows us to continue to operate, install, maintain systems according to customer's needs.  As health experts and government officials share new guidance, we will make changes to how we do business. 

Protecting Our Community:

Home is everything. Because home is so important, our mission provides each of our customers with peace of mind during the solar process. In times of uncertainty, it is more critical than ever that our extended community has access to that same protection.

Now here are some of the steps we are taking at Kuubix Energy to ensure the safety and protection of the community we serve. 

  • Virtual In-Home Appointments: With the advancement of technology we can meet with you via computer software that can keep you safe from being exposed to someone unknowingly carrying the virus. We understand many people still prefer in person communication, but with the ongoing situation, we have decided for the safety of our customers we have adapted to keeping all communication to be done virtually using phone and video.

  • Digital Proposals: Your solar design, information, and contract can all be sent digitally via email or other means.We are a green company and proposals can be reviewed online, eliminating the need to meet face-to-face. 

  • E-Sign Documents: All contracts and required utility interconnection documents can be review and signed using Docusign.

  • System Monitoring: With our partner Sunnova, your Solar systems are actively monitored by a dedicated team using a mix of Wi-Fi and cellular connections.


Kuubix energy is here to make sure your needs are met during this difficult time. With California stay-home order people are home now more than ever, which means, utility bills are going to higher than normal. With implementing the above procedures in place, we can firmly say we can keep you safe all the while keeping your electric bills at a low fixed cost.

To get more information on the steps we have taken to do our part with COVID 19 , here is a link to learn more: https://www.kuubixenergy.com/covid-19-response