• Kuubix

Get $$$ For Going Solar!

Are you looking to install a solar energy system, worried the cost will be too much? Well, you're in luck! This April Kuubix would like to give you cashback for choosing to install a solar energy system or battery storage system with us.

How does it work? To lock in your cashback, you'll need to contract with Kuubix by April 30, 2020. You'll also need to choose one of three install options.

The first being a battery storage system. This system allows you to have peace of mind because of its ability to store power for future use. If you've ever experienced a power shut off by the utility company, then you know it can be challenging to maintain certain vital electronics. But with your battery storage system, you'll be able to keep your refrigerator running. The battery storage system grants you access to reliable and safe power. When you choose to purchase a battery storage system and have it installed by Kuubix, we'll reward you with $500.00.

The second option to getting paid to go solar is to have us install a solar energy system. There are two known facts, the sun will rise tomorrow, and so will your electric bill. Why not take advantage of a clean and renewable energy source like the sun? Upgrade your home to support your needs. Having a solar energy system can reduce your electricity bill, and in some cases, can eliminate the need to purchase electricity from the big utility companies. By upgrading your home to solar and installing with Kuubix, we will reward you $1,500.00.

The third and most rewarding option is to enhance your home with a solar energy system and a battery storage system. This set up may be the most beneficial for you. In addition to decreasing your electricity bill, and have peace of mind with energy stored. Utilizing solar power and banking power will help minimize your reliance on fossil fuels for energy. You'll be producing your own clean and reliable energy from the sun. And as a thank you for doing so, Kuubix will reward you with $2,000.00 after installing with us. So choose the option that best suits our needs and get paid to go solar with Kuubix.

*Terms and Conditions apply. Promotional start date: March 30, 2020. Promotional end date: April 30, 2020. Offer is valid for a limited time only. Kuubix Energy Inc. reserves the right to modify or cancel the promotional offer at any time. Must have an installation contract signed by April 30, 2020, to be eligible for a cash rebate. Proof of purchase required. If you do not purchase the qualifying installations, the offer will not apply. Cash rebate values based on the type of install purchased. No free entry routes. Offer valid for the following qualifying installations, either a single; battery storage system install, or solar energy system install, or a solar energy system and battery storage system install. The following are the eligible cash rebates; battery storage system installation is $500.00, solar energy system install is $1,500.00, and the solar energy system and battery storage system install is $2,000.00. This offer cannot be combined with any other offers. Limit one cash rebate per installation, either a single; battery storage system install, solar energy system install, or a solar energy system and battery storage system install. Limit one cash rebate per home. The party solely responsible for fulfilling the cash rebate is Kuubix Energy Inc., (not Sunnova). The cash rebate is in no way sponsored, endorsed, or administered by, or associated with, Sunnova Energy Corporation and its affiliates. The cash rebate will be in the form of a check. After we have confirmed your proof of purchase, please allow 30 days for a cash rebate check to be mailed to the provided address and contact on the signed contract.